YoungJi Electronic Co., Ltd in Zhong Shan city, set up " Quality & Innovation "  as its management spirit and slogan when it started in 1982.

    YoungJi has grown up steadily by business of membrane switch & touch screen together with complex data-entry front panel ( Human-Machine Interface : HMI ) product.

    YoungJi has tried to establish stable and long-term business relationship with numerous partners of advanced technologies and history in north America and European countries over the world upto now to improve his manufacturing technologies and sales growth in a trustworthy chance of great-stridden challenge.

    YoungJi has been exporting more than 70 % of his products to north America and European customers with a spirit of unshakable adventure and continuous exploration of company staff to be the top-grade worldwide company of advanced technologies.

    Afterward, YoungJi company and his team will develop much more business of membrane switch & touch screen front panel to achieve the best worldwide top-quality manufacturer at last.

    YoungJi Electronic Co., Ltd


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    Address : The 2nd building, XinLi-Gong Ye Yuan, Mu He Jing-Gong Ye Qu, Gang Kou, Zhong Shan-city, Guang Dong, 528447, China.

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